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A.S.I. Retreat & Leadership Training

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A.S.I. Leadership Training
Thursday, July 26 from 3:30-6:40PM
Los Angeles Room A, University-Student Union

A.S.I. Retreat & Leadership Training
Friday July 27 – Sunday July 29    
starting at 9:30AM on Friday and ending at 3:45PM on Sunday
Housing Services, Phase II Lounge & Forest Home Retreat Center

We will explore our leadership experiences and the nuances of working within the A.S.I. organizational structure. Students will be encouraged to engage in an open dialogue about conflict resolution supported by extensive team building activities. There will be diversity sessions, and trust, respect and communication will be the pillars of the interactive workshops. In turn, students will be asked to develop their own vision for the upcoming academic year and will support that in working groups that will inspire short term and long term goals. The retreat and training should conclude with each student having a better and lasting understanding of their role in the organization, the importance of our purpose and the confidence to achieve set goals and the inspiration to support all A.S.I. initiatives.


Below are important documents that you need to turn in prior to departure. Please print, complete, and sign at your earliest convenience. Return your contract and medical sheet to Marcus Rodriguez, Director of Programs & Leadership. If you need further clarification, please call (323) 343-4785 or email mrodriguez [at] cslanet [dot] calstatela [dot] edu

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Retreat & Leadership Training & Contract.pdf
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Forest Home Medical Information Sheet.pdf
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Retreat & Leadership Training Suggested Packing...
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2012 A.S.I. Retreat & Leadership Training Agend...

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