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Eagle Advocates of CSULA

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Lobby Corps is a network of organized, trained students from across the CSU system charged to maintain student representation and advocacy in the State Legislature and at CSU Board of Trustees Meetings. To learn more about our CSULA efforts and to ensure your voice is being heard at the state level, please join us for our quarterly meetings and open discussions. To read passed A.S.I. resolutions visit /resolutions.

We are the sole A.S.I. backed student advocacy group representing over 20,000 undergraduate and graduate students. CSULA is one of twenty-three campuses throughout the state of California ranging as far north as CSU Humboldt to as far south as San Diego State University. For additional information please email the Legislative Affairs Representative-at-Large at asilgar [at] calstatela [dot] edu.

*If you're interested in joining the CSULA Lobby Corps, see the link at the bottom of the page.

Education as a Priority

The CSU system was an integral part of California’s “Master Plan for Education” which was developed by a survey team in 1960 under Governor Pat Brown and later adopted by the California Legislature. This plan outlined a coherent system for all three post secondary education institutions to fulfill certain roles.

In summary it outlined the following key points:

  • Some form of higher education ought to be available to everyone regardless of their economic means, that only a person's academic proficiency should determine how far they can go; and
  • Differentiation of function so that each of the three systems would strive for excellence in different areas so as to not waste public resources on duplicate efforts.

One goal of Associated Students organizations throughout the CSU system is to ensure that the California legislature uphold their promise of allowing affordable, accessible, and quality post secondary education.

With student fees on the rise, courses being cut, faculty being furloughed, libraries closing, student services denied, disrepair in buildings, outdated technology, and a host of other downfalls, we are aimed at ensuring the training and implementation of effective student lobbyists not only at CSULA but throughout the CSU, UC, and Community Colleges.

There are over 20,000 students on our campus and together we can work as a team in maintaining student rights not only for CSULA students but for all students in the CSU system.

Our Mission

The mission of our A.S.I. Lobby Corps at CSULA is to provide concerned students with the necessary skills and experience to express the student perspective on campus and at the state level.

  1. This mission shall be achieved by creating a network of trained and organized student leaders at CSULA to present before government representatives.
  2. The Lobby Corps of CSULA shall also communicate with its members, disseminate current information to students, and coordinate its efforts with both the California State Student Association (CSSA) and Associated Students, Incorporated (A.S.I.) of CSULA.

Legislative Affairs Rep-at-Large Strategic Plans

  • All positions in A.S.I. can only be successful if there is an easy to use line of communication in place through popular and available technological advances.
  • We need A.S.I. and the University to create solutions that meet the ACADEMIC needs of students in order to increase graduation rates, decrease the time required to obtain a degree, and alleviate problems arising from impacted majors and academic advising.
  • We must work diligently to ensure that CSULA students are given the tools to graduate quickly and ensure that those interested in higher education (high school, working adults, international students) are given a fair and equal chance.


Joining Lobby Corps

To apply for membership into the California State University, Los Angeles Lobby Corps, fill out the following form and someone will get in contact with you shortly.

If you have any questions or ideas concerning legislative affairs, lobby corps, or getting involved in student government in general please e-mail asilgar [at] calstatela [dot] edu


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