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Homecoming Office Decorating Contest

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Office Decorating Contest
Wednesday, February 13 through Friday, February 15
Campus wide

During Homecoming 2013, show-off your office by decorating it in the Eagle Spirit and/or Homecoming theme! The first place winners get free lunch catered by the University Club at their next staff meeting. Contestants are encouraged to maintain their decorations throughout the week of Homecoming as judging will take place February 13 through 15 by mystery judges. Winners will be announced on Friday, February 15 during halftime at the CSULA men's basketball game. Interest forms are due by 5 pm on Wednesday, February 6.


Office Decorating Contest

1.    WHO & WHAT: CSULA departments may choose a theme that incorporates “Homecoming 2013” to decorate their office space. After confirming your department’s interpretation of the theme with the Homecoming Committee, you may begin developing your area.

**Theme submissions will be reviewed upon submission**

2.    WHERE & WHEN:
Contestants are encouraged to maintain their decorations throughout the week of Homecoming as judging will take place February 11 through 15 by mystery judges. Winners will be announced on Friday, February 15 during halftime at the CSULA men's basketball game. Interest forms are due by 5 pm on Wednesday, February 5.

3.    HOW: Participating offices are suggested to incorporate:

  • CSULA, Cal State L.A., or California State University, Los Angeles
  • Your Department Name
  • Homecoming 2013
  • Offices will be judged on:

Overall Appearance

4.    WHY? TO SHOW YOUR GOLDEN EAGLE PRIDE and…first place winners get FREE LUNCH catered by the UNIVERSITY CLUB at their next staff meeting.


Friday, February 15 at 5:30 pm – women / 7:30 pm – men
CSULA vs. San Francisco State
Eagles Nest Gym

Saturday, February 18 at 5:30 pm – women / 7:30 pm – men
CSULA vs. Sonoma State
Eagles Nest Gym

All pre-tipoff events feature free food, refreshments, and Homecoming giveaways while supplies last.


University Emergeny Preparedness for Students, Faculty, and Staff

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Fires.  Floods.  Earthquakes.  In recent months there have been numerous natural disasters locally, regionally and globally.  Those events remind us to be aware of available campus resources and the proper actions to take when disasters occur.  Disasters disrupt mission-critical business processes, degrade service, and lead to serious financial and operational impacts.  Consequently, the University may be kept from meeting its educational goals.

All employees should become familiar with the University’s Multihazard Emergency Plan, which can be found at: .  Examine elements that pertain to your activities.  Find out more about how the campus emergency personnel respond.  Faculty are encouraged to discuss with their students the proper classroom procedures.  Such knowledge will help each employee and student react appropriately and survive.

Here are some important things to know:

What to do when an earthquake occurs?  Find a safe location from which to withstand the initial event, and do not evacuate out of a building until the earthquake has ended.  If you are outside adjacent to a building, move a safe distance away.  Falling glass and debris are a major concern during an earthquake.  If you are next to a high-rise building, move even *her away.

How should I evacuate the building?  Once the event has concluded, calmly and safely find the nearest stairwell and evacuate to the designated location for that building.  Everyone should identify the primary and secondary evacuation routes in advance of any disaster.  Faculty should clearly communicate these routes to their students at the start of each quarter.  Elevators are prohibited from use during and following an event until they are cleared by emergency personnel.

Where should I go when I have evacuated the building?  Every building has a designated outside assembly area.  This is where building evacuees should go to be accounted for.  These locations are indicated by yellow signs outside the building, and they are listed in the University telephone book (page A5).  If you have questions, contact your department supervisor.  Faculty should ensure that their students know where to go in a building evacuation.  It is critical that individuals can be accounted for outside the building so that emergency resources are not needlessly expended in a search for them.

What should I do after I have been accounted for?  Wait in the designated evacuation location for further direction from emergency personnel, department supervision, or other appropriate campus officials.  DO NOT re-enter a building when alarms are sounding, wait until an all-clear signal has been declared and access to the building has been allowed.

Drills, notifications and preparedness make a difference:

The University conducts several unannounced evacuation drills throughout the year.  To begin preparing for them, review information on various types of emergencies in the campus telephone book (pages A1 through A5).  Please discuss emergency preparedness within your office, department or class very soon.  Do not wait for the midst of a crisis to become informed.

To inform the campus in the event of a localized or campus-wide event, the University has established a service to provide text, e-mail and phone messages of significance to the campus community.  The service is free – but only to those who sign up.  These messages only communicate emergency-related issues and concerns.  They are not used for any commercial or non-authorized use.  To register for the emergency notification system, go to:  Faculty should strongly encourage their students to register as well.  Writing the web URL on a classroom chalkboard/whiteboard can boost student participation in this important program.  For details, call Lizette Juarez in Public Safety at ext. 3-3700.

All faculty and staff should view the recently posted video (approximately 4 minutes in duration) on the Public Safety webpage regarding the actions to take in the event of an active shooter on campus.  Questions regarding the content or university protocol should be directed to Lt. Hernandez in Public Safety, ext. 3-3700.

Visit the University emergency preparedness website at: for additional resources and for current information related to on-campus safety amid disasters.

Be Prepared and Stay Safe!

Kevin T. Brady
Risk Management & EHS Director
California State University, Los Angeles
Office Phone: (323) 343-3527
Office FAX: (323) 343-3464
E-Mail: kbrady [at] cslanet [dot] calstatela [dot] edu

Stay Connected! Download our new A.S.I. Smart Phone App!

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Associated Students, Inc. would like to keep you in the information loop. We are requesting your help to keep your students connected, networked and involved in various campus initiatives. If you have any questions regarding the items below, please let us know. For more information, go to our website at or call us at (323) 343-4778.

Stay Connected! Download the new A.S.I. Smart Phone App! 

Associated Students, Inc., has officially released a free mobile app, so that you can keep in touch with what’s happening at your university - right from your phone!  This app will keep you connected to what’s going on at CSULA and give you access to information about A.S.I. wherever and whenever you need it. 

Download Android Here                                     Download iPhone Here

With the A.S.I. App, students will increase their opportunity to win great prizes at A.S.I. events. We want Cal State L.A. students to register their email with their academic college through A.S.I. College Connection on our website. Students who do register, will be eligible to win one of the monthly prize drawings for amusement park tickets or movie ticket bundles. Once students are registered, they will be eligible to win each month. For more information, call (323) 343-4778.


Tips: How to Survive an Active Shooter Situation on Campus

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The CSULA Department of Public Safety has several components: University Police, Investigations/Crime Prevention, Parking Services, Key Control, Transportation Services, Fire-Life Services, Lock Shop, Emergency Preparedness and Security of Records. All sections of the department work toward the same goals to ensure that the campus is a safe place to study, teach, work, reside and visit. The department utilizes a proactive approach that includes crime prevention and safety programs available on a continuing basis.

Video: How to Survive an Active Shooter Situation on Campus

For more information visit: Homeland Security - Critical Infrastructure Secors.

Attention Cal State L.A. Student Body - A.S.I. Restated Articles of Incorporation Approved

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The A.S.I. Board of Directors (B.O.D.) approved Restated Articles of Incorporation on Thursday, November 29, 2012 by a 2/3 majority of the B.O.D.  A.S.I. policy requires student body notification of all Bylaws amendments and revisions to the Articles of Incorporation within 15 business days. 

A recent change to the California Code of Regulations, Title 5 (Section 42600(b)) requires auxiliary organizations to amend their Articles of Incorporation dissolution clause.  The change in the dissolution clause replaces the Board of Trustees with the Chancellor in the successor approval process.  The amended Articles of Incorporation will be filed with the Secretary of State.

You can access the Resolution & Restated Articles of Incorporation provided by our legal counsel via these links:

Per our policy Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws amendments and revisions approved by the Board of Directors may be rescinded by the regular membership of this corporation at the following general or special election. This process is as follows:

  1. Any amendment or revision may be subject to rescission by petition containing signatures and campus identification numbers (CIN) of one (1) percent of A.S.I. regular members.
    1. All persons wishing to circulate petitions for recall must register them with the Executive Director or designee, at which time all copies of the petition will be dated.
  2. The Vice President for Student Affairs or designee ensures that the rescission petition is returned to the Associated Students, Inc. within twenty (20) working days.  The enrollment status of all students whose signature and student identification number appears on the petition shall be verified by the University Registrar within ten (10) working days of receipt of the petition.
  3. An amendment or revision shall be rescinded by a majority of the votes cast by the regular membership.

All amended actions and documents are posted online for students to review: A.S.I. Bylaws and Articles Amendments.


The above was empowered by A.S.I. Board of Director actions’ taken on Thursday, November 8, 2012 when the following resolution was approved:



WHEREAS, the Corporation wishes to amend and restate the Articles of Incorporation to comply with the changes mandated by Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations Section 42600(b) and to reflect other changes deemed appropriate and necessary upon advice of legal counsel; and

WHEREAS, the Bylaws of the Corporation currently do not specify the authority of the Board of Directors to amend the Articles of Incorporation; and

WHEREAS, the Bylaws at Article XII, Section 5 (“Amendments & Revisions”)  provides that the Bylaws may be amended or revised by a majority of the votes cast by the regular membership of this corporation in general or special election or by a two-thirds (2/3) majority of the Board of Directors;

BE IT RESOLVED, That pursuant to Article XII, Section 4, the Board of Directors hereby amends the Bylaws at Article I to add the following:

“Section 4.       No Corporate Members.  The Corporation shall have no members as that term is defined in Section 5056 of the California Corporations Code, or in any successor statute thereto. Any Corporate action which would otherwise require approval by a majority of all members or approval by the members of the Corporation shall require only approval of the Board of Directors.”

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the Board of Directors hereby authorizes and directs the Executive Director to take all necessary actions to effect this amendment to the Bylaws in compliance with the Article XII, Section 4 (“Amendments & Revisions”).

You can view the approved amended bylaws at



All amended actions and documents are posted online for students to review: A.S.I. Bylaws and Articles Amendments.  If there are any questions or concerns with the amendments or revisions please contact the A.S.I. Executive Director, Intef W. Weser at 323-343-4778. 

For more information call the A.S.I. Administrative Office, University-Student Union Room 203 at 323-343-4778.

New CSU Chancellor Requests 10% Reduction in State-Funded Portion of His Salary

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From Incoming CSU Chancellor Timothy P.  White:

Dear Colleagues,
Thank you for your letter offering the Chancellorship of the California State University. I whole heartedly accept your offer to serve our State. I do so because of my deep passion and interest in the mission of the CSU to advance California's future.
As I reflect on our times, I respectfully request a 10% reduction in the state-funded portion of the salary that you offered. I believe this request is what is best for the California State University – its faculty, staff, students, and leadership.
Despite the passage of Proposition 30, there remain grave economic issues to solve in California and the California State University. Indeed, the success of Proposition 30 was the voice of the voters and taxpayers of California to start to reinvest in education.
I also recognize that Californians expect me to properly steward these resources. Consequently, as I join the faculty, staff and students who have experienced cuts, salary freezes, and increased fees, I too must do my part. This is the basis of my request to reduce my own compensation to contribute to the rebuilding of this great university.
By changing the dialogue on my compensation I hope to send a clear signal to the public-at-large, elected officials, the business community, and families of current and future students that public higher education matters to all of us, and that we each must play a part in the rebuilding effort. Working together we must find ways to innovate, sustain excellence, decrease time to earn degrees, and have degrees that have renewed meaning for tomorrow's economy and social mobility.
Our time is a transformative - and precarious- moment for the University and the state. By joining together with our faculty, staff and students as we face the challenges and opportunities that lay before us, we will succeed.
To do so will require the relentless pursuit of new relationships with the public and private sector, as well as among all members of the University community. These relationships will reflect the reality of the environment we are in, and create greater opportunities for student, faculty and staff success in the future.

Timothy P.  White

California State University Rolls Back Tuition Fees to 2011-12 Levels

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The Proposition 30 ballot initiative was approved by voters in the November 6, 2012 election. As a result, the California State University will implement the tuition fee contingency plan as previously approved by the Board of Trustees. The California State University will roll back tuition fees to 2011-12 fee levels, retroactive to the fall 2012 term. For further information regarding tuition fees, please visit the following website:

The applicable reduction in tuition fees and graduate business professional fee for fall 2012 and winter 2013 at Cal State L.A. will be calculated and a credit will be posted to your account GET. The credit may be applied to any balance due on your account. Any balance remaining as a result of this credit adjustment will be refunded to you no later than December 21, 2012.

Any applicable financial aid adjustment for 2012-13 will be reflected on your student award no later than December 21, 2012. Depending on the details of an individual’s financial aid package, the fee reduction may be matched by an equal reduction in a financial aid grant, in which case no refund will be due to the student. You may receive further communication regarding your specific financial aid status from the Financial Aid Office.

The fastest, most convenient way to receive your refund is through our direct deposit program. We highly encourage you to enroll in the direct deposit program if you have not already done so. Enrollment instructions for direct deposit can be found at:

Please be sure to regularly monitor your self-service account on GET for the fee adjustments.

If you have any questions regarding your student account, please contact Student Financial Services at 323-343-3630. For Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) regarding the revised 2012-13 Academic Year Tuition Fee Rates in response to the passage of Proposition 30:

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