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Cabinet of Commissioners

View a Printer-friendly version of this pageThe Cabinet of Commissioners coordinates, plans and is responsible for the activities of the administrative units of the Associated Students, Inc. All actions of the Cabinet of Commissioners must be reported to the Board of Directors by the Vice President for Administration. On receiving said report of the actions taken, the Board of Directors may decide to reconsider the directives of the Cabinet of Commissioners.
Photo Name Title
A.S.I. Student Government Member Pooja Dhulolhoya Marketing & Public Relations Commissioner
A.S.I. Student Government Member Alina Carmona Housing Commissioner
Cynthia Jandres Spirit Commissioner
Malik McMilliam Elections and Orientation Commissioner
A.S.I. Student Government Member Christine Hovhannessian Environmental Affairs Commissioner
A.S.I. Student Government Member Luis Echeverrianewberry Veterans Affairs Commissioner