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A.S.I. Presents GO GREEN!

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Go Green

CSULA Urban Garden Time Lapse from John Michael Sanchez on Vimeo.

Read the CSULA Urban Garden spotlight article HERE. If you would like to be involved with the campus garden or other sustainability initiatives on campus, contact the Horticulture Club (csulahorticultureclub [at] gmail [dot] com) and/or Students United for Sustainability (csula [dot] sustainability [at] gmail [dot] com).

A.S.I. is committed to the implementation of green initiatives at Cal State L.A. and in the great Los Angeles community. Our prerogative is to provide students, staff, and faculty with resources to help reaffirm the commitment we have to our planet and worldwide community.

Earth Day Celebration: Make your own Birdhouse!

Tuesday, April 22 from noon to 2 pm

University-Student Union Plaza

Build your own birdhouse and experience the beauty of nature first hand while you become more informed about your environment. Learn more about our own green efforts, projects, and initiatives on campus. The event will also feature live music, giveaways, sustainability info booths, exhibits, and eco-conscious food trucks



Earth DayEnvironmental Policy Committee Meetings
A.S.I. Conference Room 203, U-SU


The Environmental Policy Committee formulates and encourages the adoption of policies that will make A.S.I.’s internal practices more environmentally sustainable. In addition the committee also seeks:

  1. To collaborate with Cal State L.A. administrators to formulate and encourage the adoption of policies that will make Cal State L.A. a more environmentally sustainable campus,
  2. To educate the on-campus community on the topic of environmental sustainability and environmental justice,
  3. To formulate and encourage the adoption of policies that will make the California State University system more environmentally sustainable working primarily through the California State Student Association.


What is Sustainability?

A sustainable society is one that is environmentally viable, economically robust, and socially just and equitable one that meets the needs of the present without compromising the resources for future generations.

Sustainability presumes that resources are finite, and should be used conservatively and wisely with a view to long-term priorities and consequences of the way in which rescources are used. Superior sustainable practices simultaneously consider ecology, economy, social equity and aesthetic elegance.

We can look at almost any aspect of our daily lives through this lens of sustainability, from waste to food, from clothing to cars, from our education to our interactions with other cultures. From transcontinental travel to the geopolitical balance of power across the globe, we can ask ourselves this question in virtually every sphere of our lives: in the long term, is this sustainable, can this be continued indefinitely into the future?

If the answer is no, then it is time to start looking for constructive alternatives. As a university, we have a special role in society as educators, as knowledge creators, as leaders and innovators. It will require much effort on our part to engage our community to foster and support partnerships that work to create a more ecological, equitable, and economically viable community and region, but if we work together in the spirit of compassion and collaboration, we will succeed in creating viable alternatives for a thriving human society. - adopted from our eco partners at UCLA Sustainability


Go Green


Below are some of our collected stories and sources:

State overdue for Big Ones, but Japan didn't increase risk
California is overdue not just for a cataclysmic earthquake but a blockbuster double feature - two of them - that could overshadow the destruction of the Northridge or Sylmar quakes, experts said Monday. Read more here.

Watch the eco-documentary Planting Hope
Planting Hope follows Don Cheyo, a Honduran farmer, and local SHI field trainer, Juan Carlos Sandres, who are breaking the cycles of poverty and deforestation in their communities through sustainable farming practices. Watch the film at - Planting Hope - The Story of Sustainable Harvest International from myriadmedia on Vimeo.

Sustainability a “Competitive Advantage” in the Job Market for Students
A greener resume – where students going into all fields view their work through a lens of sustainability and practical experience – can serve students well in the job market, according to one expert. “Sustainability is a competitive advantage in the marketplace,” says Wake Forest Director of Sustainability Dedee DeLongpre Johnston. “College graduates entering the job market this year will definitely have an edge if they have developed sustainability-related skill sets.” Read more about this perspective here.

20 Ways to Go Green at School & in Life
A green digital or print brochure for students! Learn more here.

The Sustainable Classroom: Curricular Concepts & Practical Suggestions
A digital or print brochure written specifically for faculty members. Learn more here.

Greening Campus Operations
How are campuses moving towards sustainability when it comes to campus operations? Learn about programs and initiatives that are encouraging longer term thinking and resources by clicking here.

Case for Investing in Improved Energy Performance on Campus
Higher education institutions – particularly signatories of the American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment – are motivated to undertake building retrofits for several reasons. These reasons may be relevant to the institution’s overall mission and include the following: Need to respond to climate change, Financial implications of business as usual, Consequences and costs of poor operations and maintenance, Leadership through sustainability on campus.Browse through the toolkit here.

Student Groups Could Receive Incentives for Sponsoring Sustainable Events
A system of incentive credits is being developed by the Student Union at Washington University in St. Louis for student groups that host sustainable events. The incentive system, instead of a system based on penalties and mandates, was decided upon after surveying students. If approved, the new system would make financial rebates or publicity resources available to groups when they sponsored events with sustainable components. Read more about it here.

Tree Campus USA Program Recognizes Campus Practices
Tree planting events are happening on five U.S. campuses this fall as part of the Arbor Day Foundation and Toyota’s Tree Campus USA program. The project recognizes campuses that practice sound campus forestry. Approximately 400 trees will be planted during events at the University of Maryland, Duke, Cornell, Tulane and the University of Washington. Read more about it here.

Please continue to check back for more details about upcoming events. We will be continually updating this page with new articles and resources. For more information or for further clarification please contact Marcus Rodriguez, Director of Programs & Leadership at mrodriguez [at] cslanet [dot] calstatela [dot] edu

A.S.I. Student Government Member
Environmental Affairs Commissioner
Melanie Kim
Phone: 323-343-4778
Email: asieac [at] calstatela [dot] edu